Online Classes


Monday to Friday 11:00 to 20:00 hs

One of the most asked questions about Skype classes is how effective this classes might be.

Online classes are just as effective as face to face classes, because I use my hearing as guidence, and I am trained to detect any vocal tendency and how to apply technique to it. That I can guarantee. I've been doing it for years and the proof is in my student's results.
In fact, some students that took face to face classes, who've had complicactions moving to my studio for different reasons, have taken Skype classes and now they prefer to continue that way.
If you visit my Facebook, you will see comments and pictures of my students talking about their experience online.
In fact, I give classes through cellphone to singers that are about to go live to balance their voices, my hearing being my main teaching tool.

  • Skype classes, Zoom FaceTime

    Download the application you are going to use for Mac or PC

  • Connection to Internet

    You will need high-speed internet connection

  • Webcam

    A webcam with audio and video enabled

  • Headphones

    A pair of headphones (optional)

  • Record class

    You can Record your classes to practice. Skype classes give this possibility

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