Being aware of our hormonal changes is a way to accept our cycle.

Formerly it to our foremothers the menstrual cycle is considered a wonderful source of creative energy, spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental and physical. It is therefore important for us to accept our cyclical nature and connect with each of the powerful energies enclosed in the four phases of our menstrual cycle.

Today I want to talk specifically about how our hormonal changes affect our voice, and what aspects we consider to be the singers.

The menstrual cycle is approximately 28 days, so we spent 4 week with different hormonal changes.

In the first week, our voice becomes more severe, deep and even hoarse due to water retention, whereby in the membranes of the throat there is a high liquid content. But nevertheless, as we go week, increased estrogen causes our body remove this excess fluid and our voice becomes clearer and more alta.⁠

In the second week, we are in the day 8 and our body is preparing for ovulation. ⁠
Estrogen keeps increasing day by day until the day 14 which it is when ovulamos.⁠
Our voice is becoming increasingly clear and have a wider range of notes in speech, especially the sharpest. ⁠
For example a singer, it will be easier to reach high notes difficult these days compared to weeks in your ciclo.⁠

⁠Un curious fact, in the days before ovulation our voice sounds more feminine and atractiva.⁠

In the third week, after ovulation. Strong decline begins in estrogen and progesterone increased, this causes you to use a range of notes somewhat narrower and slightly flatter sound. ⁠
As progesterone causes water retention in this week of their cycle, in addition to the physical changes that occur in Lasa vocal cords and surrounding tissue that make these areas swell and sink. Then we can go noting that our voice becomes a little deeper, guttural as he did during his menstrual.⁠ week

In the fourth week there is a sharp drop in estrogen and feel the symptoms premenstruales.⁠
It is normal that we may be difficult to achieve sharp notes to singing and voice may sound a little shaky up without fuerzas.⁠

Now that you know this, You can keep you more account. It is normal that happens to us changes.

Something that can serve you if you have to sing and you find yourself in one of the weeks in which your voice may not work as you want, your voice is warm for longer so, with more patience for your brain understands that there is a change and will adapt to the new. But the most important thing is that you accept.

If you think this article has served you, I invite you to share it with more women who may be interested.
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