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29 FEBRUARY 2020

Yamil sun is Vocal Coach International, certified Institute for Vocal Advancement and Modern Vocal Training, formed by different Master Teachers recognition and worldwide fame.

Vocal technique Institute for Vocal Advancement It is known worldwide for its extraordinary and rapid results in the development of voice. International stars such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Freddie Mercury, They have developed their voice with this technique, as well as many professional singers nationwide.

Regardless of the style, level, formation age or singer, this technique is surprisingly efficient, bringing the student to a vocal balance, allowing you to sing all her vocal range without quality changes or breaks, since the severe acute, comfortably, freedom and flexibility.

Masterclass is aimed at:

Cantantes, teachers, actors, speakers and professional voice.

What will you learn?

  • How does our voice.
  • voice chest, voice mixed and voice head.
  • The 3 pillars singing: breathing, phonation and resonance.
  • What is mix, and why it is critical for a singer?
  • As traverse passagios.
  • Changes in vocal quality specific notes.
  • How the phonic apparatus: the intrinsic muscles of the bass and treble.
  • Different systems Vocal coordination.
  • Vocal anatomy.
  • Different types of breathing and correct breathing.
  • our resonadores.
  • The registers.
  • Vocal trends and as you solve.
  • He vocal warm and practice.
  • Stages of learning in singing.
  • Voice Care.
  • Increase vocal range.
  • Technique vs Style.
  • Beginning Cause effect.
  • As the technique never interferes in style, but enhances the ability of the artist.
  • notice how master the songs in each style with ease and power.
  • How to sing with naturalness.
  • Learn to overcome vocal problems more common.
  • Find out how good vocal technique can help your voice be healthier and work under great demand.
  • Practical examples with application of the technique.

Masterclass schedule

29 February from the 10:00 am (approximately 4h.)

Price: 69€

Payment will be made through the Web.

Where will be held?

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