I receive many questions from parents who are concerned that their children 's begin preparing your voice for casting or audiciones.👩🏻🎤👨🏻🎤⁠

The truth is that the sooner is better because start at an early age are helping them to have a proper way to speak and sing. I have met many young people with nodules, edema of Reinke, polyps, etc for misuse of voz.😷⁠

Maybe when Kids@s, need a kind of classes more focused canto to the game, that is more didactic 👦🏻👧🏻⁠
But as they become older and are more responsible and aware of what they want to do and can take other class ⁠
It will also depend a lot on how the students @ .⁠

During adolescence an important hormonal change occurs, This causes a change in his voice. It is more noticeable in men than in women. ⁠
For many of them feel uncomfortable they can not control her voice, with those pesky roosters 🐓 jaja⁠

While we can not prevent that from happening, If we can help them when they sing his voice has a better coordinación.⁠
In addition it will make it easier to go through this transition and that their voice will not damage 👏🏻⁠

Did you know that changing a voice can last 10 years about ? It's curious, true?😲⁠

Imagine if you entered puberty among 13 o 14 years old, you will not end up making the change 24 years about. And I can vouch for it, because I have students that still does not stop her voice from stable. ⁠
This is generally.

If you're a teenager, I like to sing and want to develop your voice, I advise you to start as soon as possible to train your voz🏋🏻💪🏻⁠

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