I tell you some tricks that will help you understand the importance of hydration. 💧⁠

Note that the 70% our body is water. Wow!!!😱⁠

When we drink water our body is able to Absorb it instantly unlike comida.⁠ Now, there is a time difference of absorption depending on whether just sports (It will be instant) If your stomach is empty (on a 5 me, and if it is full (on 45 a 60min).⁠

According to science this may vary from 5 to 120 minutes to bring it to the torrent sanguíneo.⁠
Finally why water is recommended to drink with meals because the body absorbs nutrients first food and. curious not?🤔⁠

Given this, let's take it to the edge. As vocal athletes that we have to constantly hydrate. An adult should drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day (no fizzy drinks, or juices).⁠

I tell you that in my case I feel I need to drink more than that amount and that being teaching and spend many hours talking and singing, my strings dry out faster, so agua💧 combine with infusions 🍵.

And of course for my students always I have prepared them water and tea 😜😍⁠

I know that if you're not used is heavy jejej but thinks it is necessary for your whole body work better.

Try infusions, It will make easier (but avoid sugar because it causes tiredness).⁠ So if you want to have a healthy phonation your voice and respond to your needs, hidrátate constantemente. 😉⁠

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