Writing songs can be a way to express your deepest feelings. Almost always it reveals the state is the composer or sees life. If you like writing, You can talk about many things that happen to you. It also depends on the time of your life and maturity, You are going to be changing your lyrics.

I tell you something?, between the 🤐
When I see the lyrics of my songs I did when I was “younger”😜 they had another meaning for me, He needed to express anger and pain, as a tod @ s ever happened to us. Today when I come to write sentences I realize that all that has changed, and my letters have no maturity. I no longer want, or rather I do not feel that anger and that pain, with which my letters are addressed to other subjects.

What I mean by this, It is that it's okay to express, you say what you need. It is also a way to heal what to wear inside, It is a way to express. And it's okay to feel the need to say. Everything is perfect, depending on the stage of your life.
I think the important thing is not to be ashamed to show up as really one is, our imperfections, Doubts, fears, pain. It is our life learning
It's wonderful what we want to express through our songs 😍

I'll give you a tip to write canciones🔝: Did you know that depending on the number of lines in a stanza, combining them with the length of each sentence ( but cuts but wide), You can give a different feeling?
🌟Si certainly want to sound or forcefulness in a stanza, make them all of the same length. 🌟Pero if you want to create doubt or confusion, You can make the sentence last a little longer, and perhaps as a question.
Try it and veras😉

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