tell me something, Have you ever felt some uncertainty when you know who your voice work? If you say you're not the / UNIC @

Many times we have seen the song as purely artistic and not as athletics. It is obviously art, that no argument, to the same as playing the piano, dance, etc.
So why sometimes you feel that you do not advance?

Bueno, I'll tell you that for any training activity. Training is essential to develop specific muscles you bring excellence.

The problem I see daily, It is that not everyone is singing teacher trainer, Maybe I can help in stylistic or just go part singing "sing" and no training 🎶.

I'll put the simile of the gym, I think you'll understand better.
In the gym you have two options, You can go to school fun doing Zumba, Pilates, etc, or decide you can train with a personal trainer where you will do is to develop specific muscles to achieve a goal. Everything will depend on the result you want. The difference is abysmal, because if you're with a coach will guide you step by step, even thou hurt not let you because you'll be with you in your process.

Similarly works a vocal coach (Vocal coach), for this must study and pass exams, As to the gym coach.
So if you want to save you headaches and frustration then looking for someone who is trained to train. Look at their results, Ask students will have to such progress, investigates.

The voice is involved health. A person who has not studied voice performance can hurt. What you would not go to someone who claims to be a doctor and does not have the number of referee, true? Well, then do not the play. What do you think about this?



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