Elena Martínez


Osteopathy identifies dysfunctional states in the body that cause multiple and diverse sintomatologías.
All physiology is movement.
Hormones travel, neurotransmitters move, the heart pumps, blood flows…
When that movement is slowed because the affected tissue is some difficulty, It starts working worse… slower, denser… and circulation and body self-healing capabilities are not entirely effective.

As a whole different body functions interacting structures, the osteopath will look beyond the area with symptoms of pain or disability and return the lost or diminished mobility to regain their autonomy and health.

That way we can work and solve the patient's symptoms when they are dysfunctional origin

– Sleep disorders
– Learning problems, of attention.
– Problemas somatoemocionales.( anxiety, depression)
– disgestivos disorders, lung… ( bronchitis, dysphagias…)
– vocal problems ( disfonias, afonias)…
– Problems in the newborn, the baby. ( plagiocefalias, Reflux…)
– therapeutic option surgery ( herniated discs, neuralgias, paresthesia…)
– visceral transtornos ( pain rule, difficulty of digestion, migraines, neurlagias trigeminal…)
– Traffic accidents resulting in Whiplash, traumatic brain injury…


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