You know all the benefits of using a straw?⁠ ⁠


  • 💜Puedes use it as a vocal warm up fast.
  • 💜Aliviar vocal fatigue.
  • ⁠💜Te helps you discover your natural resonance or the timbre of your voz.⁠
  • 💜Reduce stress and weight on your voz.⁠
  • 💜Incrementa your vocal.⁠ range
  • 💜Equilibra subglottic pressures and supraglótica.⁠
  • 💜Reduce the break or rooster in the passagios.
  • ⁠💜Te helps to have flexibility.
  • ⁠💜Y best of all this is that you can warm up your voice anywhere, because hardly escucha👏🏻.
  • 💜Pueden singers use, broadcasters, actors, teachers and all those who use their voice.
  • ⁠💜Si these cold or disfónico and you need to use your voice, It helps you recover antes.⁠ ⁠


😍Las straws and SEMIOCLUISVOS exercises have been used for hundreds of years. And today science can explain how a straw can change the resonance and as a boon to health vocal.⁠

⁠ Wooowww!!!😃⁠ ⁠ I always carry one in my purse 😉👜🙌🏻. They are the best!!!!😅⁠ ⁠


Would you like to know more about how to use them and what exercises can help you?⁠

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  1. Matias
    Matias says:

    Hello good afternoon, very interesting your post about the straw, I would like to know how it is used and if there are any exercises. Thank you!!


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