In view of the current situation, and in doubt about whether I will return to face-to-face classes, I tell you that I have been contrasting information about it and have made a decision taking into account the latest research and always ensuring the health of my students and mine as a priority.

First of all, I want to thank all my students from the heart for the understanding and trust I have received in online classes. While it is true, than before Covid 19 online classes occupied the 75% of the reserves, right now I have the 100% of them and with total success both on Skype and Zoom.

Although we are going through different phases, and it seems that everything is returning to “normal” the 100% all about this flu. Contagion through objects is unlikely to be contagious between people, even though the virus is still alive on the surface.

You still need to do excellent research and have more information on reliable sources, especially if nothing is known related to the vaccine. I sincerely think that a video on YouTube that talks about the virus and how to avoid it does not have to come from a reliable source. Until we really know what measures to take regarding contagion, it is not convenient to teach face-to-face classes due to the high risk that those of us who are dedicated to singing have..

According to the Professor of aerobiology and virology, Donald Milton

Singers also use much more lung capacity than speakers. The small size of the droplets produced at the bottom of the lungs during singing travels farther and stays in the air longer. Longer than those produced from a brief conversation. Smaller drops can also go further into your respiratory system if you inhale them., which makes the possibility of transmitting the coronavirus among the singers in a rehearsal, por ejemplo, be much older overall.

According to scientific studies, speaking out loud (just like singing) can expel respiratory drops up to a meter away.

The problem with Covid 19 is that when you are at the peak of the disease, the first symptoms have not yet appeared. If you continue to give face-to-face classes normally, you are exposing people to unnecessary infections and risk contracting the virus. “So singing is as dangerous as sneezing”.

Keep singing and progressing is super important at times like these, but that's not why you have to expose yourself to the danger that it entails. The most important thing is to be alive and healthy, so my decision is to continue teaching 100% online as I am having so far and that also the students continue to advance without any problem since I am able to do it this way.

“May the music stay alive and may our voices accompany it for eternity”