What it is really enjoy?⁠

Bueno, according to the RAE: experience joy, pleasure or joy with someone or algo.👍🏻⁠

When was the last time you consciously enjoyed something or someone?⁠🤔⁠

Perhaps a meal with family, friends, partner. Or just enjoy beautiful views of nature, or go to a concert that both craved. 😃⁠

With every passing day we have the opportunity to enjoy our surroundings, even very simple🦋🌺. ⁠

Do not assume the slightest, because it may one day can not enjoy ello.⁠
⁠ Is there anything you want to do, but still you have not found a way?⁠

You remember when you were a Kids @ @? How easy it was to enjoy everything we had around us, true?⁠

Many times we forget to enjoy our camino🚶🏻⁠

We are so outstanding to reach the goal we do not stop to observe everything that happens while tanto🧐⁠

The experiences we have much to give us our learning. We also develop patience, a quality that allows us to enjoy increasingly 🧘🏻.⁠

In the song is exactly the mismo😃⁠

Singing well is the goal, mETA,🔝 but as you succeed you must learn to enjoy that way, which it is not always flat and fácil.⁠
Sometimes you'll encounter with moments of stagnation and other subidón📈📉📈🎢 ⁠

If you embarked on this journey, I invite you to have patience, observe and enjoy the whole experience conlleva.⁠😎⁠

What do you think? ⁠👀⁠

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