Dysphonia is the name given to all voice disorder when its quality is altered in any degree except the total, in which case it is called afonía.⁠

What do I do if I disfónico?⁠😱⁠

Bueno, it is best to rest and not talk, at least until your voice is mejor.⁠🤐⁠

Dysphonia can come for various reasons:⁠
⚠️La force most common voice to speak or sing 🗣️ ⁠
⚠️También can stay disfónico for resfriado🤧⁠
But this usually lasts a couple of días.⁠

If you see that your voice is improving, but you can speak naturally, no air and whispering because it further aggravates the matter. ⁠
The calentitas drinking tea will make you feel relieved you, but remember that anything you ingest goes through your strings, rather indirectly affects. 😉⁠

However, when would it be worrisome? ⁠

If you notice that you stay disfónico this can often lead to a pathology, as nodules, edemas, polyps, hemorrhage. ⁠
Or if you notice that dysphonia hard you 2 weeks or more should go to the doctor because that is a sign that something is wrong 😟⁠
The doctor will refer you to the Speech Pathologist to make laryngoscopy or Nasolaryngoscopy to see the reason for your disfonía⁠👩⚕️⁠

👩🎤 For singers, If you force your voice singing, you can start having what is called incipient nodules, and almost always they affect the second passage ✌️ ⁠

With good training and a vocal coach who can guide you they can disappear. 👩‍🏫⁠

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