Every second passing, It is a moment that you'll never have ⏱️

Have you ever wondered How much is that second? ⁠🤔
It all depends on the value you give to you mismo.⁠

You know, I often find people who would have liked to do something different to what they are doing right now. Maybe some do not because they think they can not for various reasons: Health, money, weather, family, etc.⁠

Years ago I did the same question and I realized that I too was always making excuses for miedo⁠
You may be surprised, I think maybe it was easy, but it was not así.⁠
I always had very clear what he wanted, I knew since childhood, I played to be what I am now. But society, teaching parents to have to follow certain patterns made me begin to deviate from what both anhelaba🚷 ⁠
I had other jobs, because of the music, I studied to have a job “insurance”.⁠
⁠Solo I know that all those years I had depression and anxiety. I felt lost 😖⁠
The only thing I was happy I was singing in my free time and teach some sueltas.⁠ hours

One day I had to make a very important decision and leave behind all that entailed. I was afraid, of course, but deep down I knew that I would do well. ⁠
I knew I would lose more seconds of my life to those he loved 😀⁠

I've been thinking about writing this time, but those who know me well know that I am a shy person and not write anything about my life, but I feel this can help someone.
Maybe you're going through the same situation or by a parecida.⁠

All I can tell you is that if you do what you're, fulfill your life purpose and what you loved when you were small @, You are living in the best way and you will not be losing any second of your vida.⁠

How much is a second of your life?⁠👀

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