Face to face

(Stay at home)

Only classes online


Tuesday to Friday 11:00 to 20:00 hs

You will be surrounded by a totally equiped environment with everything necessary to develop vocal ability: completely soundproof cabin for your own intimate space, microphone and professional recording software, interface, monitoring loudspeakers.
Everything inside a air-conditioned space in case, it rains, it thunders or it boils outside, inside the studio you will be completely comfortable so that you can learn, but also enjoy this gratifying process that is finding your own voice.

  • How will I help you?

    · I will do an assessment to see your vocal condition.

    · i will use different exercises adapted to your necessities and objectives.

    · You will obtain my custom-made exercises I will craft for you.

  • You will obtain

    · High powerful notes

    · An expanded vocal range, flexibility, vocal balance

    · The Mix, Which is what makes a singer complete and professional.

  • Practice in class

    · You will sing your favourite song while you use the proper technique.

    · If you wish, you will be able to record yourself in a studio in mp3 or wav.

  • Everybody

    Both, professionals or amateurs, can succeed in singing with the proper technique, with the desired craft and enjoy it.
    If you want to do it for the satisfaction it brings, or use it as therapy, you have chosen one of the best ways to do it: singing.

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