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You know all the benefits of using a straw?⁠ ⁠


  • 💜Puedes use it as a vocal warm up fast.
  • 💜Aliviar vocal fatigue.
  • ⁠💜Te helps you discover your natural resonance or the timbre of your voz.⁠
  • 💜Reduce stress and weight on your voz.⁠
  • 💜Incrementa your vocal.⁠ range
  • 💜Equilibra subglottic pressures and supraglótica.⁠
  • 💜Reduce the break or rooster in the passagios.
  • ⁠💜Te helps to have flexibility.
  • ⁠💜Y best of all this is that you can warm up your voice anywhere, because hardly escucha👏🏻.
  • 💜Pueden singers use, broadcasters, actors, teachers and all those who use their voice.
  • ⁠💜Si these cold or disfónico and you need to use your voice, It helps you recover antes.⁠ ⁠


😍Las straws and SEMIOCLUISVOS exercises have been used for hundreds of years. And today science can explain how a straw can change the resonance and as a boon to health vocal.⁠

⁠ Wooowww!!!😃⁠ ⁠ I always carry one in my purse 😉👜🙌🏻. They are the best!!!!😅⁠ ⁠


Would you like to know more about how to use them and what exercises can help you?⁠

I receive many questions from parents who are concerned that their children 's begin preparing your voice for casting or audiciones.👩🏻🎤👨🏻🎤⁠

The truth is that the sooner is better because start at an early age are helping them to have a proper way to speak and sing. I have met many young people with nodules, edema of Reinke, polyps, etc for misuse of voz.😷⁠

Maybe when Kids@s, need a kind of classes more focused canto to the game, that is more didactic 👦🏻👧🏻⁠
But as they become older and are more responsible and aware of what they want to do and can take other class ⁠
It will also depend a lot on how the students @ .⁠

During adolescence an important hormonal change occurs, This causes a change in his voice. It is more noticeable in men than in women. ⁠
For many of them feel uncomfortable they can not control her voice, with those pesky roosters 🐓 jaja⁠

While we can not prevent that from happening, If we can help them when they sing his voice has a better coordinación.⁠
In addition it will make it easier to go through this transition and that their voice will not damage 👏🏻⁠

Did you know that changing a voice can last 10 years about ? It's curious, true?😲⁠

Imagine if you entered puberty among 13 o 14 years old, you will not end up making the change 24 years about. And I can vouch for it, because I have students that still does not stop her voice from stable. ⁠
This is generally.

If you're a teenager, I like to sing and want to develop your voice, I advise you to start as soon as possible to train your voz🏋🏻💪🏻⁠

While both belong to the recording head, and to run them we have to have the vocal cords stretched thin, They may even resonate at the same site, there is a difference between them is that while the head is voice activation of muscle thyroarytenoid (TA) and there adduction, in falsetto no.⁠

I know this sounds like Chinese jajja⁠😅⁠ is mandarín🉐🈲

Ok, see the TA is the muscle responsible for phonation while there is adduction and thus can sing from our chest voice to head voice our, with which we have connection between the two registros.⁠↗️⁠

But when we falsetto there is NO adduction with which our voice is fully air, no brightness nor the filo⁠.⁠🚫⁠

There singer who use a head voice “airy” to give an effect or style to your voice, but this airy voice, although very little, TA continues and there is still a small adduction on the ropes, so this is not falsetto.⁠
⁠Por that they can move from one airy voice to a chest voice because muscle TA is still involved and maintain aducción.⁠

When a person does falsetto and wants to access his chest register would be impossible because they have qualities diferentes.⁠

If you keep a high note with the note adduction you will endure for a while, whereas if that same note the beams WITHOUT adduction (Falsetto) air will run out quickly. Try it ⁠🧐⁠

Do you understand the difference?⁠🤓⁠

So, a first impression may look the same but the quality and color is fully diferente😉⁠

However, that does not mean you can not use the falsetto in a song as part of the style. A singer who has a balanced voice can play with these diferencias.⁠🌟⁠

Dysphonia is the name given to all voice disorder when its quality is altered in any degree except the total, in which case it is called afonía.⁠

What do I do if I disfónico?⁠😱⁠

Bueno, it is best to rest and not talk, at least until your voice is mejor.⁠🤐⁠

Dysphonia can come for various reasons:⁠
⚠️La force most common voice to speak or sing 🗣️ ⁠
⚠️También can stay disfónico for resfriado🤧⁠
But this usually lasts a couple of días.⁠

If you see that your voice is improving, but you can speak naturally, no air and whispering because it further aggravates the matter. ⁠
The calentitas drinking tea will make you feel relieved you, but remember that anything you ingest goes through your strings, rather indirectly affects. 😉⁠

However, when would it be worrisome? ⁠

If you notice that you stay disfónico this can often lead to a pathology, as nodules, edemas, polyps, hemorrhage. ⁠
Or if you notice that dysphonia hard you 2 weeks or more should go to the doctor because that is a sign that something is wrong 😟⁠
The doctor will refer you to the Speech Pathologist to make laryngoscopy or Nasolaryngoscopy to see the reason for your disfonía⁠👩⚕️⁠

👩🎤 For singers, If you force your voice singing, you can start having what is called incipient nodules, and almost always they affect the second passage ✌️ ⁠

With good training and a vocal coach who can guide you they can disappear. 👩‍🏫⁠

I like this article, dale click 👇

tell me something, Have you ever felt some uncertainty when you know who your voice work? If you say you're not the / UNIC @

Many times we have seen the song as purely artistic and not as athletics. It is obviously art, that no argument, to the same as playing the piano, dance, etc.
So why sometimes you feel that you do not advance?

Bueno, I'll tell you that for any training activity. Training is essential to develop specific muscles you bring excellence.

The problem I see daily, It is that not everyone is singing teacher trainer, Maybe I can help in stylistic or just go part singing "sing" and no training 🎶.

I'll put the simile of the gym, I think you'll understand better.
In the gym you have two options, You can go to school fun doing Zumba, Pilates, etc, or decide you can train with a personal trainer where you will do is to develop specific muscles to achieve a goal. Everything will depend on the result you want. The difference is abysmal, because if you're with a coach will guide you step by step, even thou hurt not let you because you'll be with you in your process.

Similarly works a vocal coach (Vocal coach), for this must study and pass exams, As to the gym coach.
So if you want to save you headaches and frustration then looking for someone who is trained to train. Look at their results, Ask students will have to such progress, investigates.

The voice is involved health. A person who has not studied voice performance can hurt. What you would not go to someone who claims to be a doctor and does not have the number of referee, true? Well, then do not the play. What do you think about this?



I've spent some time I have felt two voices??? Jaja If ↖️↗️😵, if as is!! ⁠

Some singers come first when they tell me they do not know that singing voice,..” the chest or the head”. O… “throat or falsetto”. O… "Is that this note came pectoris, but the next I have to go to a softer voice ", o “siento que mi voz de quiebra” 😩 ¿Os resuena esto? SIII, ¿verdad?⁠

Ok, This usually happens when you have worked your first passage (Women have this change in a different notes to men). And what is? It is the transition from your chest voice to your head voice.

Nobody likes to be singing and feel that your voice has to go to a place where you do not like the sound, because it is like having two voices, two qualities vocales😤⁠

Starting from the base that we have two voices (chest voice and head). We have A 1️⃣one voice, ranging from our chest register as we merged into acute with your head record. ⁠

evidently, If your arriving passenger area there is a sudden change, we have to work ahí👷♀️. We need to make that change will not be noticeable, when songs can not be perceived that notes have already passed another registro😉⁠

But tranquil @, this can be solved. Many of my students have already achieved, because we work with tools that are super effective.

So with perseverance and understanding, You also can conseguir.💪🏋️♀️⁠

I tell you some tricks that will help you understand the importance of hydration. 💧⁠

Note that the 70% our body is water. Wow!!!😱⁠

When we drink water our body is able to Absorb it instantly unlike comida.⁠ Now, there is a time difference of absorption depending on whether just sports (It will be instant) If your stomach is empty (on a 5 me, and if it is full (on 45 a 60min).⁠

According to science this may vary from 5 to 120 minutes to bring it to the torrent sanguíneo.⁠
Finally why water is recommended to drink with meals because the body absorbs nutrients first food and. curious not?🤔⁠

Given this, let's take it to the edge. As vocal athletes that we have to constantly hydrate. An adult should drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water a day (no fizzy drinks, or juices).⁠

I tell you that in my case I feel I need to drink more than that amount and that being teaching and spend many hours talking and singing, my strings dry out faster, so agua💧 combine with infusions 🍵.

And of course for my students always I have prepared them water and tea 😜😍⁠

I know that if you're not used is heavy jejej but thinks it is necessary for your whole body work better.

Try infusions, It will make easier (but avoid sugar because it causes tiredness).⁠ So if you want to have a healthy phonation your voice and respond to your needs, hidrátate constantemente. 😉⁠

How a car? 😲⁠
Sip, but Manual, no automático jajja 🚗⁠

And you say, mmmmm…….. I do not understand, you have to see a car with my voice. 🤷‍♀️⁠

Well look, if you drive, know very well that as you increase the speed, You need to shift gears, true? Why does this happen?⁠
Bueno, Because if you do not change the engine drowns, say like that going is not the right to hold the speed you need your engine in that momento.⁠

However, in the case of voice is exactly the mismo.⁠
We know that the voice have different passages (bridges, passagios, pass zone, as you want to call)⁠

For example when you are singing in the bass notes (chest register) and you have to go passing notes more acute (head register), different muscle coordination occurs. If you do not allow this to happen, what happens is that you stay in a chest voice and start forcing, whereby the voice does not sound good. That would be our first passage or first gear in coche.⁠

At the same as in the car, in the voice there are more passages (It depends on the training that you have to have 4 tickets).⁠

If you do not do this second passage another change coordination, the same thing happens again, your voice feels like heavy and forced. ⁠

For a voice having a good mix (mix) we need your voice go by the different coordination between the muscles principales.⁠

What did you think of this comparison? Can you understand it better how it works your voice?⁠

What kind of breathing is correct? 💡

exist four types of inspirations:

🔸 CLAVICULAR: It is a high respiring. The diaphragm contracts along with the muscles that elevate the upper chest and shoulders and this NO It is recomendable.⁠

🔸 CHEST: It is an average breathing. The diaphragm and intercostal muscles contract to expand tórax.⁠

🔸 ABDOMINAL: It is a low breathing. The diaphragm contracts downward while relaxing the abdominal wall to allow the belly extends into afuera.⁠

🔸 BALANCED: It is a combination of breathing and thoracic Abdominal.⁠

"As soon as I start to sing, I forget all about the diaphragm and ribs, all on respiratory machinery in action, and singing in the air accumulated just below the ⁠laringe ". Beniamino Gigli

To learn more about breathing, read this article ⁠