Emotional awareness

Many times we are not aware of how important it is to do what we love.
Dime, How many times have you seen people around you to be sad for not being able to fulfill his dream?. Perhaps it's happening to yourself 😔

Believe it or not, living your dream will make you feel plen @ 🙌🏻.
I know I can say that it is not easy, because maybe your dream is socially seen as a hobby or a waste of time, etc.
But think about it, When you imagine doing, or if only you had the opportunity to try it for just a few minutes, how you felt? .

I'm sure your heart beats much stronger, You feel great satisfaction and happiness filled to overflowing with, even a momento.💓😀 Now imagine what this can do reality. It would be great , true? .
You know that everyone s we are able to fulfill our purpose of life?😊 .
I'm not saying it's easy, obviously this leads trabajo🛠️, but it is possible.

Perhaps you've never raised. If so , I will give you a ayuda👇🏻.
🌸Cierra eyes for a moment, deep breathing, and ask, What I like to do in this life? That I'm passionate?, responds as if you were a Kid @ 👧🏻👦🏻, unprejudiced
🌸Ahora visualize yourself in that you love so much, Enjoy it as if you were already living
🌸Observa your body, Your face, and happiness that causes you what emotion is you?

If you could perceive, you know what your dream. What it makes you vibrate higher?🌟 👏🏻 .
Often society, family and even ourselves by our ego, makes live a life other than that we really want and autosaboteamos 😒 .

Releasing all that is not for us can help us feel without charge and to seek our happiness.

Think about this, If you are not in a state of fullness you mism @, What do you think will convey to others?

But when you do what you're giving to you what you really deserve and therefore you being with other genres @.

Give yourself the opportunity to live your life purpose, because you mereces🎁

We came here to enjoy life and everything we rodea😍. It's a matter of attitude and get down to work 💪🏻

Do you like Butterfly?⁠🦋🦋🦋⁠

You remember small was fascinated with ellas.⁠
It has always struck me as being a caterpillar pass an incredibly beautiful insect. ⁠
That process is called “transmutation” o “metamorphosis” and it is represented by the color purple, violet or lilac 💜💜💜⁠

I love the purple 😍, noticeable? 😅

Transmutation can be applied in various fields of life, from something physical, chemical, spiritual, the emotional mental.⁠

What does transmute ?⁠

It involves transforming or change something. And this transformation process leads indisputably, a time that must elapse to see resultados.⁠

See, if you are reading this because you are interested in singing, so it is very probable that you like to sing and maybe're aprendiendo.⁠

If we take it to the edge, there is also a change in the aprendizaje.⁠

1️⃣Si are beginner, You want to learn to cantar.⁠
2️⃣Si are already a professional, you want to strengthen, and polishing reinforce certain aspectos.⁠

No matter where Parthian, both need to cambios⁠ 🐛

If you want to be like “beautiful butterfly” 🦋 (have a good vocal range, powerful treble, mix, dynamics etc.) You need to go through a process of transformación.⁠

That means that while you are in the change, your learning will not be plain. Tendrás días en los que sientas eufórico ⬆️ y otros en lo que sientas que estas estancad@ ➡️ (the plateau known)🎢

There will be many days of practice, practice, practice and more practice 🏋🏻

I tell you this is not the intention that you think……Phew, how difficult is esto😰…….nerd, rather I mention you to be aware that if you really want to become the “mariposa”🦋, you have to make changes, you have to work, You have to get involved, you have to practicar💪🏻.⁠

Do you have a dream, true?, perfecto😀👌🏻, then you have to fight for él🤺

You can not achieve a dream if there is a transformation of who you are today to what you want ser.🐛➡️🦋

None of the “great singers” It has managed to be what they are in the overnight.
All have undergone a transformation and believe me they are proud of it @ s, because it was his dream and consiguieron🏆💜

What it is really enjoy?⁠

Bueno, according to the RAE: experience joy, pleasure or joy with someone or algo.👍🏻⁠

When was the last time you consciously enjoyed something or someone?⁠🤔⁠

Perhaps a meal with family, friends, partner. Or just enjoy beautiful views of nature, or go to a concert that both craved. 😃⁠

With every passing day we have the opportunity to enjoy our surroundings, even very simple🦋🌺. ⁠

Do not assume the slightest, because it may one day can not enjoy ello.⁠
⁠ Is there anything you want to do, but still you have not found a way?⁠

You remember when you were a Kids @ @? How easy it was to enjoy everything we had around us, true?⁠

Many times we forget to enjoy our camino🚶🏻⁠

We are so outstanding to reach the goal we do not stop to observe everything that happens while tanto🧐⁠

The experiences we have much to give us our learning. We also develop patience, a quality that allows us to enjoy increasingly 🧘🏻.⁠

In the song is exactly the mismo😃⁠

Singing well is the goal, mETA,🔝 but as you succeed you must learn to enjoy that way, which it is not always flat and fácil.⁠
Sometimes you'll encounter with moments of stagnation and other subidón📈📉📈🎢 ⁠

If you embarked on this journey, I invite you to have patience, observe and enjoy the whole experience conlleva.⁠😎⁠

What do you think? ⁠👀⁠

Every second passing, It is a moment that you'll never have ⏱️

Have you ever wondered How much is that second? ⁠🤔
It all depends on the value you give to you mismo.⁠

You know, I often find people who would have liked to do something different to what they are doing right now. Maybe some do not because they think they can not for various reasons: Health, money, weather, family, etc.⁠

Years ago I did the same question and I realized that I too was always making excuses for miedo⁠
You may be surprised, I think maybe it was easy, but it was not así.⁠
I always had very clear what he wanted, I knew since childhood, I played to be what I am now. But society, teaching parents to have to follow certain patterns made me begin to deviate from what both anhelaba🚷 ⁠
I had other jobs, because of the music, I studied to have a job “insurance”.⁠
⁠Solo I know that all those years I had depression and anxiety. I felt lost 😖⁠
The only thing I was happy I was singing in my free time and teach some sueltas.⁠ hours

One day I had to make a very important decision and leave behind all that entailed. I was afraid, of course, but deep down I knew that I would do well. ⁠
I knew I would lose more seconds of my life to those he loved 😀⁠

I've been thinking about writing this time, but those who know me well know that I am a shy person and not write anything about my life, but I feel this can help someone.
Maybe you're going through the same situation or by a parecida.⁠

All I can tell you is that if you do what you're, fulfill your life purpose and what you loved when you were small @, You are living in the best way and you will not be losing any second of your vida.⁠

How much is a second of your life?⁠👀

“Find yourself a job that has job prospects”, ” To see when you focus and do something productive”, “The best thing to do is…….”, “if you're the black sheep of the family”……🤷‍♀️⁠

Tell me how many times have you heard this? I thousands 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣😤⁠

Many times people close to us, they want us, We even say these words for fear. Fear is in the subconscious of them and that's to protect us from what we can happen if we do something totally unknown to ellos.⁠

He Fear is irreal, no existe.⁠

They are looking for something “insurance”, understanding that “insurance” is what has always been done to ahora.⁠
But within that “security” there is a big problem, You're killing your soul, your being, what you came to this world. ⁠

If someone wanted to kill what you do? For surely run away from that person, ¿verdad?⁠
Of course the theme of our "dreams", Say it is not tangible like death itself, but believe me it feels as if you were stabbing, stifle @, deseperad @, until you have depression when you allow not live your dream. If you happened to you, You understand me perfectly 😉⁠

So is it logical to allow someone (whoever) kill your dreams? ⁠

Remember this: “Your dreams are not negotiable”💭🏅⁠

It's very hard, sometimes having to stay away from people who even want your own good, you are turning away from what you really are. ⁠
We come to shine, to enjoy our life, Our dreams, our reality. ⁠

So if you are finding themselves in a situation like this, Take charge of your life, do not let “kill your dreams”, Free yourself from all the energy you do not match and live according to your purpose of vida.⁠

Have you ever felt so? ⁠💞🙏⁠