Sol Yamil, Vocal Coach in Valencia, have 43 years and resides in the same city. Takes over 20 years he is serving as Vocal Coach and is also a professional singer. Three passions led him to this job: the singing, music and teaching. Since childhood he knew he wanted to be a singer, master and entrepreneur. For it is natural to help others find their way to express themselves through singing. I have never considered work itself, and that passion for teaching something he loves and which also have the right tools has always been their motivation.

His Vocal Studio is dedicated to helping personally with every singer you need to train your voice and can sing freely. Also trains actors, broadcasters and teachers, because it is a sector where they need much help because his voice is exposed to many hours of talk time and effort. Although it has its own private Studio in imparting classroom lessons, over the 70% their classes are via Skype, around the world. Yamil sun comes from a family of musicians, singers and composers. It was formed at the Conservatory of Music and taught the first classes that focused on classical singing. But his interest in progress with the voice and learn how to work the anatomy of a singer, to teach, She led him to study with the best mentors and coaches worldwide and formed as Vocal Coach and Singing Teacher.

It is specialized in detecting different vocal tendencies that exist (problems in specific areas). When a singer comes first to your Voice Studio performs a vocal diagnosis to see what the problem of the student and then work directly on it. Your goal is to fix each singer's voice as you need, so you can have a voice achieve balanced. This is known as the Mix, or mixed voice. No matter what problem you have, because with the right tools to solve it.

What was it that motivated you to teach singing in Vocal Studio Sol Yamil?

It is my Studio, With which, It is my second home, not to mention the first one because I spend many hours teaching. It motivates me to see my students grow constantly. Seeing their faces when they achieve goals that perhaps were unthinkable for them. Understand them when they come disoriented or disappointed not to find the way out of a problem when singing.

Perhaps not being able to access a high note with power, or feel your voice change from a note to a small weak voice, or just not feel safe when singing because they don't know if his voice is going to answer that day.

Every time I see a student cry with excitement realizing that with the correct exercises they can really achieve what they need, and that all is not lost, that makes me get up every day wanting to help more people. And that's why I keep my education. I know this is my purpose in life and I'm happy to help those in need.

What part of your team is essential? Is there any element that should never miss in your singing lessons?

Desire to work, the motivation, enthusiasm for further progress. Be willing to relearn to make room for something new. Many times students will find that what they had learned was not the right way or it was just a myth, but if you have an open mind you will understand and progress will be a thousand times better than before. I can assure you.

I like working with committed singers and see who practice at home, because that will make the advance more.

For me the most important thing is to enjoy all learning, and something as wonderful as is the singing, we can express our emotions and often is liberating.

On the physical level, the piano course. And something fundamental that cannot be missing is water, infusions and of course the "straws". Many of my students take everywhere, up in the car. You see how they take very seriously their growth.

How do you teach to sing freely and naturally to your students? What does being the only Vocal Studio Certificate "Vocal Institute For Advancement"?

Free and natural way is the way we really should do all, starting from the base that when we are born we bring it, but for different reasons we are losing it through the years.

It is simply to balance through specific exercises the voice so that the singer sounds very natural, and sing it as easy as he is talking.

Studio Vocal be the only Certificate in Valencia in these two techniques (Institute for Vocal Advancement y Modern Vocal Training) and simultaneously be formed at the Conservatory of Music, it's a privilege, but also a great responsibility because you are working with singers vocal health.

I think it's very important to be up to know how to respond and fix a voice, so I can provide security and certainty of having the endorsement of the latest developments in terms of vocal techniques, besides being my education constantly and pass rigorous tests so that my students can have full confidence that they are getting cutting-edge education.

On the other hand, Working with the support of doctors and speech therapists, and this causes the student to feel calm because he knows his voice is in good hands.

Those interested in the courses should they have some prior knowledge to participate in them? What and why?

Really, It does not lack prior knowledge, since I am the one who has to help them achieve their goals. Work with voice professionals, but I have students who have started not knowing tune a note and after much work and perseverance today are singing in tune.

I never thought to sing needed to have a knack, only you need to train, but knowing how to train in a correct way. Even the best elite athletes have a personal trainer, and I see no difference with a vocal athlete.

I have also professional singers with voice pathologies, This is because despite sing well, You do not have good mix developed and this adds to certain guidelines that are not taken into account. Por eso, when you need to work with a speech therapist, and vocalizations specific case to try, That's where the singer is recovering his voice.

As usual, any singer who needs a second opinion on his voice, I am always ready to see how you can help.

Your doctor specializing in the health of your voice

Yamil sun is the owner and ruler of the only Vocal Studio Certificate "Vocal Institute For Advancement" and "Modern Vocal Training" in the Valencia region. This recognition and reveals how long and fruitful has been your experience as a professional singer and voice teacher. Your goal is to free students from the problems strung full potential of their voices. In addition to their classroom lessons, offers classes through Skype, what it allows for customers around the world.