Sol Yamil

I'm Vocal Coach Certified International (getting ready for the level “Instructor 3”) first member teacher in Valencia Institute for Advancement and Modern Vocal Vocal Training.

Being part of a family full of musicians was decisive to develop this passion I feel for singing, always surrounded by composers, musicians and singers.

Since very small I started my studies in singing and musical language. I love singing.

When I was 6 years old I joined the School of Music where I studied musical theory, piano, guitar, harmony and composition.

When Finish my studies I started exploring all the modern techniques that were available to me, until I decided to train my voice with the best mentors of Speech Level SingingTM.

Nowadays I take part in the group of teachers of the Institute for Vocal Advancement. This technique is supported by the most recognised international doctors and speech therapists and is endorsed by the latest scientific advances regarding vocal health. I.V.A is the only organization in the world that offers a broader range of education specifically for teaching vocal development.

As a teacher of I.V.A, Each certificate obtained represents the highest quality vocal education and pedagogy. To pass each certificate requires two years of intense study and thus go to another level. That is why I have a great knowledge of vocal functioning.

This organization is run by a group of Masters Teachers mostly of whom are previous teachers from Speech Level SingingTM.

I am also certified in Vocal Coach Modern Vocal Training, a training program for qualified teachers where we receive a comprehensive education in different world-renowned singing methods, all authorized, as they are S.L.S (Speech Level Singing), I.V.A (Institute for Vocal Advancement), C.V.T (Complete Vocal Technique), and on the other hand, although they are not considered as singing techniques, Estill Voice (Voice Craft) and Breathing Coordination, what are tools for voice rehabilitation.

These techniques They are the most advanced in the world, and consist with endorsement of prestigious international phonoaudiologists and they have the backing of latest scientific advances in the study of the functioning of the vocal system, and a solid teaching method.

I have never stopped learning and I've continued improving in this field, in which I've been part of 20 years old. This passion pushes me to continue my vocal training in order to give my students the best of me.

One of my goals is that you too can benefit from it. With these techniques and my natural method of singing, you can get results from the first class saving money and many disappointments. Also, get your custom exercises for practicing at home.

“The achievements of my students are my best and my greatest satisfaction guarantee