Do you like Butterfly?⁠🦋🦋🦋⁠

You remember small was fascinated with ellas.⁠
It has always struck me as being a caterpillar pass an incredibly beautiful insect. ⁠
That process is called “transmutation” o “metamorphosis” and it is represented by the color purple, violet or lilac 💜💜💜⁠

I love the purple 😍, noticeable? 😅

Transmutation can be applied in various fields of life, from something physical, chemical, spiritual, the emotional mental.⁠

What does transmute ?⁠

It involves transforming or change something. And this transformation process leads indisputably, a time that must elapse to see resultados.⁠

See, if you are reading this because you are interested in singing, so it is very probable that you like to sing and maybe're aprendiendo.⁠

If we take it to the edge, there is also a change in the aprendizaje.⁠

1️⃣Si are beginner, You want to learn to cantar.⁠
2️⃣Si are already a professional, you want to strengthen, and polishing reinforce certain aspectos.⁠

No matter where Parthian, both need to cambios⁠ 🐛

If you want to be like “beautiful butterfly” 🦋 (have a good vocal range, powerful treble, mix, dynamics etc.) You need to go through a process of transformación.⁠

That means that while you are in the change, your learning will not be plain. Tendrás días en los que sientas eufórico ⬆️ y otros en lo que sientas que estas estancad@ ➡️ (the plateau known)🎢

There will be many days of practice, practice, practice and more practice 🏋🏻

I tell you this is not the intention that you think……Phew, how difficult is esto😰…….nerd, rather I mention you to be aware that if you really want to become the “mariposa”🦋, you have to make changes, you have to work, You have to get involved, you have to practicar💪🏻.⁠

Do you have a dream, true?, perfecto😀👌🏻, then you have to fight for él🤺

You can not achieve a dream if there is a transformation of who you are today to what you want ser.🐛➡️🦋

None of the “great singers” It has managed to be what they are in the overnight.
All have undergone a transformation and believe me they are proud of it @ s, because it was his dream and consiguieron🏆💜

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