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Instructor Vocal Certified

“Institute for Vocal Advancement”

“Modern Vocal Training”

Discover and strengthen your chest and head registers.
Connect both records in one voice “MIX”.
Apply what you learn in songs so you can express yourself without limitations.

Develops your voice so you can sing freely and naturally, from low to high without interruptions or sudden changes in tone quality.
Sing with vocal freedom.

I teach you HOW sing and you choose THAN singing

I am part of those who have achieved sing freely success.

You can!

Alumn @ s reviews

I hope you enjoy this site created especially for you with the help of my students' suggestions and opinions. All of them have been in your place before and they have gotten.

I met Sol in “Cántame”, Valencia contest where first participated in the 2017. She was a jury and Vocal Coach. After the first gala, She approached me and identified me only to listen to a song (Cabaret) which should improve. I was surprised so fast analysis and actual. I started taking classes by Skype and gradually was taking off “Flip abrupto” he possessed. Thanks to the exercises he taught me and repetitions that day after day I make them I have a more balanced voice. In addition to help in any way you can is good very good friend.

Sol It is a great teacher. Desde el primer día el trato ha sido inmejorable, es amable y muy profesional en su trabajo. Hace que estés cómodo desde el primer día y que las clases las disfrutes mientras aprendes. Also, consigue resultados increíbles. I started singing it not knowing virtually nothing and improvements are more noticeable. Sin duda un acierto y una recomendación para todos y todas las que quieran aprender o mejorar.

One day I decided I wanted to take a little step and start working my voice in a more professional way. I was looking for a voice coach with good references and a method that would allow me sing freely without being harmed.

I found Sol Yamil and read about the method I.V.A who taught and di hits the spot, It was an excellent choice and I can not be happier.

Every time I feel more freedom to express myself singing and doing things that occur to me before or have tried.

It is certainly the best choice I could have made.

After a lifetime singing rock and heavy metal could feel forced to get too much power and treble. So I decided to start studying with Sol. The evolution in my voice has been incredible. Thanks to Sol I feel my voice control without any effort. It is a spectacular teacher.

Sol, It has helped me understand the way to further progress and improving.

I'm an actress and singer so I need quality training, it is certainly a safe bet, delivered, nice, pedagogical, sensible, hardworking and committed.

Right now my best investment.

I started with Sun about eight years ago because I suffered a disease in the vocal cords (gap) by misuse of them. The first singing lessons gave me strength to sing for hours without problem. After my goals were doing higher, Sun helped me achieve my voice effects like torn and reach unimaginable records so far. Today I am part of a group of rock and roll, but there is no style or note to give me fear, always vocal technique as vehicle.

Before discovering Sol I had problems nodules and I was very scared thinking that he would not be able to again enjoy singing. From the first day of class Sol, I noticed the evolution to the point that my nodules have disappeared.
I learned a lot with his technique and I have come to control notes that had never before reached and all without hurting. Sol He has made magic with my voice. Now I enjoy singing and after heating, everything goes solo.
I know I will continue with her life if you can! Totally I recommend it even to people who have or have had voice problems. Thank you for your magic 🙂

My experience are Sun is amazing, Mogollon helps me in my 'vices’ vowels, and exercise helps me to do the treble I want without forcing, without being harmed and comfortably as possible.

This is also a great professional, in the different health situations in which I found and that affected my voice she has always had the best possible solution. In addition to his personal treatment and advice, always always to improve.

With Sol I discovered a new way of working my voice, used a wonderful technique that notes a marked improvement in a short time. When I started doing classes with Sol My voice had no "body", It was weaker, and I had trouble reaching the high notes, but thanks to her I have gained more body in my voice and I have greatly expanded my vocal range. To others I get tired much less time to sing, I notice the most relaxed voice. My great experience I highly recommend her classes to all singers or people who want to sing or start in singing, because I think it uses a very healthy and effective technique to work with voice.

I'm with the Sun from September 2015 and since I met her, I have not stopped improving. It is a great professional with excellent training, He loves what he does and cares about the student improves and progresses. I, definitely, I found my singing teacher. Sol thank you very much for guiding me in this way is so wonderful singing .

For my Sun has been one of the people who changed my artistic life.

In addition to a great teacher is a great person, He helped me overcome limits that made me take two classes a week. It is a necessary unconditional support for every artist and every time I've needed has always helped me at all times.

Pass Sol classes I think it is necessary for a good singer. thanks Sol, I hope you keep it up because you're a great teacher!

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